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About Me

Hello and Welcome

Come on in and stay a while. I'll put the kettle on whilst you have a nose around these pages; I hope to share with you a little about the things I'm passionate about, namely knitting without needles, using fleece from British breeds, my own flock of sheep ... and my dogs (who bring nothing to this particular table except their awesomeness).

If you have any queries at all please feel free to contact me .. I'd love to hear from you.

My Work

In case it's not obvious, I knit. Super-chunky-giant-extreme knitting to be precise!   All of my pieces are knitted without needles; using the arm or hand knitting method, or finger crochet.  Everything I make is created using British wool. The fleece from native breeds appeals to me as there are such  gorgeous varieties up and down the country.  I just love working with natural fibre because of the amazing qualities it offers, including insulation, it's hypoallergenic, and of course being a renewable source!  It's so easy to care for too, and with the correct attention it will last a lifetime.

My Inspiration


As a child, knitting bored me to tears.  I would spend more time looking for "dropped stitches" on the floor than I ever had needles in my hands.

Now, aged a little bit older (!), I've rediscovered knitting but on a much larger scale!  I'm impatient, so anything I make has to quickly show  some results.   Discovering hand and arm knitting was almost as exciting as the day I was finally owned by my Basset Hound ... and found a love I never knew existed (for knitting that is, not for Bassets; I've loved that breed since I can't remember when!)

All my creations are made at home; I have a small farm where we keep chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigs, goats ... and of course, sheep! 

To view examples of my work, please click here

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